Pastoral Care

The Vicar at St Thomas is available to visit or meet with people in need of any kind, such as illness, grief, or other personal issues. Please contact the parish office in the first instance.

A parish pastoral care team, consisting of a number of parishioners and two honorary lay ministers, assists the Vicar in this important ministry. The team’s primary responsibility is to advise and support the Vicar in providing practical and spiritual assistance to parishioners with special needs.

The Vicar and team members visit parishioners in their homes, in nursing homes and special accommodation units, as well as in hospital for long stays or in rehabilitation services.  

Clergy and Lay Eucharistic assistants also take the sacrament of Holy Communion to people too ill or frail to attend church.

The Vicar offers anointing to people who are sick or in special need, either at church, at home or in hospital. Anointing is a sacramental rite of the Christian Church with biblical warrant. A service for anointing and laying on of hands is provided in the current Australian Anglican prayer book, A Prayer Book for Australia.

The Vicar also offers the rite of reconciliation (sometimes called confession), also provided for in A Prayer Book for Australia, and counselling. This rite is sometimes sought by parishioners and others before the major Christian festivals of Christmas and Easter.