Congratulations on your forthcoming marriage

St Thomas wants to support you, whatever stage you’re at with your planning 

Please read the information below, and then contact the parish office

 Issues needing early clarification

The Wedding Service must be according to the Rites of the Anglican Church of Australia and conducted by one of the parish clergy. Only in exceptional circumstances will approval be given for a visiting celebrant, who must also be an Anglican priest. It is a normal requirement that at least one of the couple be baptised in the Christian tradition. If one or both of the couple have been married before and divorced, the priest has to seek permission of the Bishop to marry the couple



Initial enquiries to ascertain availability of the Church and a priest for the proposed date and time and to clarify other procedural matters ought be made through the Parish Office. In due course the couple will need to contact the priest to arrange the date and time of an initial interview and subsequent interviews


Wedding Times

 The Wedding Service would normally be on a Saturday, with the latest time for commencement normally being 4 pm



Fees are set annually by Parish Council and are payable before or at the rehearsal. The current fees are $1200.00. Included in these fees is a non-refundable deposit of $200.00 which is to be paid at the time of confirmation of the date and time of the Wedding.  The fee does not include a Marriage Preparation Course which is a normal requirement couples intending to be married in St Thomas


The Fee covers

Interviews with the priest to prepare the necessary documentation, discussion of details of the Service 

Other relevant inclusions so that the Service may be as personalised as possible

A rehearsal with the priest and wedding party

Music provided by the parish musician on the Fincham pipe organ or performance piano 

The bell – rung at the arrival of the bride and as the couple leave the Church

The setting up and use of the church, with seasonal altar frontal, candles on the altar


The Fee does not cover the following 

Marriage preparation course, details of which will be discussed between the priest and the couple

Flowers, as these attract GST. The couple may make private arrangements for flowers in the church or can discuss other options with the priest

Service booklets containing the order of service. The text of the order of service will be arranged with the couple  following discussion and planning with the priest, and the final text for printing will be provided. St Thomas is able to provide a very simple printed order of service for an additional charge


Marriage Preparation

Given the huge investment made in the wedding day itself, it is as important to invest in the enrichment and strength of the couple’s ongoing relationship. Therefore, it is a normal requirement for couples marrying in St Thomas to undertake a marriage preparation course,the details of which the priest will discuss with the couple. The cost is not included in the fees payable for your wedding at St Thomas, but is usually about $200


Local Reception Facilities

St Thomas is located at the foothills of the beautiful Dandenong Ranges and nearby to numerous reception venues

 In the first instance, please contact the Parish Office